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Sexological Bodyworker

I am a certified Sexological Bodyworker (certified through the State of California Department of Education under the auspices of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality). This is somatic sex education which helps clients to increase awareness of their sexuality, and use their sexual energy for healing and transformation. Clients may seek assistance in enhancing enjoyment of their sexuality, overcoming shame and inhibition, opening to awareness of the flow of erotic energy in their bodies, or improving their sexual functioning and pleasure during masturbation or partner sex. The bodyworker assists the client in clarifying their goals and intentions for the work. The client will usually see the bodyworker for a series of 3-8 sessions and then work with what they have learned. Clients may then return for individual sessions as needed.

The modalities used by sexological bodyworkers may include: orgasmic breathwork, erotic massage, pelvic release massage, masturbation coaching, and sex coaching. Bodyworkers may work with individuals, couples and groups.I utilize all these modalities in my practice and have listed them in detail below with their benefits:

  • Pelvic Release Massage
  • Masturbation coaching for women and men
  • Taoist erotic massage with breathwork
  • Sensual/erotic touch training for couples
  • Sex Coaching for couples

Pelvic Release Massage

This massage involves techniques for releasing tension and pain in the pelvic area. This may include massage of surrounding muscle groups, as well as direct massage in the genital and anal areas (internal and external).

Benefits of pelvic release massage:

  • It can help reduce pain in the pelvic area
  • Some clients report a felling of more "space" and ease of movement
  • It can be a great warm-up for an erotic massage, masturbation or lovemaking
  • It can help release areas of chronic tension
  • It can be erotically pleasurable
  • Like any massage therapy, it can promote better circulation and body awareness.

Masturbation Coaching

Coaching clients in achieving more pleasure and a different relationship to their bodies during solo sex. Some of the benefits of masturbation coaching include:

  • Learning new techniques for enhancing solosex sessions (i.e. breathing, movement, self-massage, other erotic self-pleasuring techniques and strokes)
  • Clients can begin to understand and heal shame around masturbation and achieve a better acceptance of themselves and their sexuality
  • Clients can feel encouraged and supported in expressing their sexuality through self-pleasuring and feel assisted in overcoming inhibitions to pleasure

Taoist Erotic Massage

Guiding the client in breathing techniques while applying various techniques for genital massage (male and female).

Benefits of erotic massage:

  • It feels good!
  • When combined with conscious breathing during a Taoist Erotic Massage (TEM), it can assist the client in achieving a high state of arousal, circulate sexual energy throughout their whole body and lead to an altered state of consciousness, followed by a feeling of blissful relaxation. Sometimes full-body orgasms may occur, or orgasmic sensations in other parts of the body (i.e. scalp, chest, nipples).
  • It is educational. Clients can learn more techniques for self-pleasuring and lovemaking with a partner. They can learn more about their bodies as well as their erotic 
and sensual potential.
  • Clients can feel encouraged and supported in expressing their sexuality through self-pleasuring and feel assisted in overcoming 
inhibitions to pleasure.
  • Men can learn more ejaculatory control by focusing on breathing and relaxing while receiving constant, varied genital stimulation.
  • Women can experience awareness and pleasure in all the parts of their vulva, vagina, and g-spot areas.

Sensual/Erotic Touch Training for Couples

Learning sensual massage skills that may enhance  lovemaking.

Benefits of Touch Training:

  • Learn how to wake up your hands and enhance the sensitivity of your touch
  • Learn sensual techniques that may be applied to the whole body, as well as specific erotic massage skills
  • Learn to be more present with your partner and savor the moment, allowing for deeper intimacy

Sex Coaching for Couples

Coaching couples in techniques and attitudes that will help them achieve a more satisfying experience in their lovemaking.

Benefits of Sex Coaching:

  • Couples can learn techniques and attitudes that will enhance their sexual enjoyment with each other.
  • Couples can receive expert assistance in resolving specific sexual dysfunctions (i.e. difficulty with orgasms, premature ejaculation, difficulty achieving erection, lack of interest in sex).

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