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Sex Coaching for Couples

Linda provides private coaching for couples of all sexual orientations and lifestyles.


Some reasons people seek Sex Coaching and Education:


• A safe place to talk freely about any aspect of sexuality, get questions answered, explore sexual imagination, and learn to release sexual inhibitions


• Learn to improve sexual communication and intimacy skills in relationships


• Learn about touch, sensuality, and erotic skills


• Learn techniques for awakening sexual energy in the body, such as breathwork and relaxation skills to enhance sexual pleasure


• Explore a variety of practices such as: BDSM (sadomasochism; bondage and discipline; dominance and submission); tantric and taoist sexual practices; sex toys; fantasy and masturbation; exhibitionism; voyeurism; group sex; non-monogamy; gender play.


• Learn about HIV/STDs and safer sex; sexual anatomy and physiology; sex therapy techniques; and other areas of interest.


• Resolve difficulties with sexuality such as: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, dissatisfaction with orgasm, inability to reach orgasm, lack of desire.


• Enhance self-pleasuring (masturbation coaching)



To schedule Couples Coaching contact Linda at:





Couples Sex Coaching - Harry G. & Carol K.   April 2015


My friend and I have a cherished long distance relationship bridged by occasional visits. We discussed seeing some kind of sex instructor/guide while we were both in town for work. We had met Linda at a workshop on another topic several years ago and remembered her as someone we might consider to contact, and are so glad we did. My friend and I enjoy a good sexual rapport already, however punctuated with pauses due to travel limitations. And, we thought it would be good for us to have input from someone who was professional, knowledgeable, and comfortable with sexuality broadly understood and experienced. 


Our interest was to push our existing boundaries and so expand our horizons. Linda proved the perfect guide for us in that. Our conversations on the phone were very straightforward, both setting us at ease and getting us excited for the weekend mini-workshop we planned. Our follow up email exchanges served to clarify our intentions and answer questions that came up along the way, while still leaving our plans open enough to shift in the moment. We were a bit nervous going in to the first session, but were put at ease when Linda turned out to be as warm, fun, sincere and straightforward in person as she was in our planning exchanges. 


For my friend and I, just scheduling the workshop with Linda and getting to the door was a leap, and there was certain satisfaction in just having stretched our boundaries that far. Though we have richly explored one another, we had not done so with the kind of frank conversation and input and presence that Linda offers, and we felt good to be "out of the closet" as it were with this intimate aspect of our relationship, sex being so private a matter for most couples.


Over the course of our two back-to-back afternoon sessions we took turns exploring male and female genital massage techniques, which we took away with us as good "accessories" to integrate into our sex play. Even more importantly, we gained enhanced communication skills which enable us to be more at ease exploring the ever shifting, and sometimes quickly shifting terrain of sex, where "what feels good" in one moment might not in the next. We learned how to "roll with that" more easily and playfully as part of the landscape of sex-exploration. We also gained more ease and comfort in ourselves for having manifested the courage to expose our interests, our relationship, and our selves for feedback and input.


As a couple we highly recommend Linda as a sex-guide, she is a knowledgeable and genuine teacher, our expectations were exceeded for our experience, and we feel our own explorations are both heightened and easier for the time we spent together! Thank you Linda!



HG and CK 



A Special Comment from Carol K.  April 2015


Walking in the land of taboo is much easier with a competent guide! 


Linda was the perfect guide for my friend and I to explore each other and challenge our self imposed sexual boundaries and perceived limitations. 


I expected to encounter some uncomfortable moments during our sessions, but when I did, Linda's intuition and experience quickly brought us back to playful exploration and open communication. It was a rich experience that my friend and I continue to benefit from weeks after our session. 

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