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Surrogate Partner Therapy  -  Ryan D.  2015


When I was first referred to Linda by my psychiatrist in 2007, I had gone through a couple surgeries that negatively impacted my sexual functioning.  I never would have thought that I would be enjoying sex again but Linda helped me do just that. At first I couldn’t relax and my mind kept going back to negative thoughts. Linda would notice my body tension, or see that I was holding my breath and gently encourage me to relax and to breathe. She had to do that over and over again. She was extremely patient and kind.  

Besides the knowledge she has about the body and sexual issues, Linda is warm and caring.  Her approach is focused on helping the client to learn to feel comfortable with himself. Her rationale is that, when a client knows how to take care of himself and express his needs, he (or she) will be more able to learn to give pleasure to a partner. 


Before seeing Linda, I did what many people do. I read self-help books and picked up some educational videos.  But there’s no substitute for an educator like Linda.  I now have the ability to enjoy sex again! 


Thank you Linda!


Ryan D.  2015

Surrogate Partner

A surrogate partner is a trained professional who works with clients in sex therapy as part of a three-way therapeutic team. This team consists of a therapist/counsellor (usually a licensed MFT or psychologist), surrogate partner, and client. The surrogate's role is to be a partner to the client and assist in building the client's skills in the areas of physical and emotional intimacy. This is accomplished through exercises in communication, relaxation, sensual and sexual touching and social skills training. 


Sessions with the therapist are interwoven with the surrogate/client sessions, and there is an understanding that there will be open communication between the three members of the team. The surrogate and therapist collaborate on the progress of the therapy and usually communicate after each client session. 


Because of the intimate and sensitive nature of the work, the involvement of the therapist/counsellor is essential, and no ethical surrogate works with clients without this kind of support in place. Clients inquiring about surrogate work will be referred to qualified therapists for evaluation before starting work with the surrogate partner.

Please contact my colleague, Diana Urman ( She has PhD in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, as well as a graduate degree (MSW) in Clinical Social Work. Additionally, she is a California State Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW #26883) and Certified Clinical Sexologist. 


Intensive Surrogate Therapy


Intensive surrogate partner therapy is a condensed program of Surrogate Partner Therapy. During a typical Intensive, the therapist, the surrogate partner, and the client meet every day. Therapist and client sessions are interwoven with surrogate and client sessions in order to optimize rapid growth and change for the client.


During a typical Intensive, the client meets with the surrogate partner for 2-3 hours each day, and meets with the therapist for an hour each day. Care is taken to assure that the client is ready for each new step as the client and surrogate build their relationship and gradually progress through a series of therapeutic exercises and experiences. The process develops the client’s ability to relax, know his/her own feeling, talk with a partner, pay attention to pleasurable sensations, and appreciate his/her body and sexuality.


Intensive surrogate partner therapy is for adults who:

a) are ready to work on their difficulties with interpersonal and sexual intimacy.

b) do not have a partner with whom they can address these issues in therapy.

c) do not have access to surrogate partner therapy in their own locale.


Two weeks is considered the optimum length for intensive therapy, as it is the most likely to be successful. If time limitations or financial considerations prohibit participation in the recommended two-week program, a shortened program may be acceptable for some clients. Participants in one-week intensives sometimes find a second one-week intensive is necessary to meet their goals. Modified intensives are also sometimes available for clients with circumstances that are better suited to unique timetables.


To arrange an intensive, please contact Linda at: 






Linda Poelzl is a certified Surrogate Partner trained by IPSA,

the International Professional Surrogates Association.

For more information about Surrogate Partner Therapy and IPSA, go to


Please feel free to contact Linda directly, if you are interested in surrogate therapy. You may also have your therapist contact Linda by emailing her at:

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