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Workshops & Lectures

Linda is an experienced teacher, lecturer, and workshop facilitator. She can design workshops for small or large groups on a variety of subjects. These workshops provide a safe place to talk freely about any aspect of sexuality, get your questions answered, explore your sexual imagination, and learn to release sexual inhibitions.





Elements of a workshop may include:




Interactive exercises

Group discussion





Workshop Topics


• Learn how to improving sexual communication and intimacy skills in relationships.


• Learn techniques for awakening sexual energy in the body


• Learn breathwork and relaxation skills to enhance sexual pleasure


• Explore sexual orientation issues (i.e., coming-out issues for lesbian, gay, or bisexual clients)


• Explore a variety of practices such as: BDSM (sadomasochism; bondage and discipline; dominance and submission); tantric and taoist sexual practices; sex toys; fantasy and masturbation; exhibitionism; voyeurism; group sex; non-monogamy; gender play; anal sex; prostate and g-spot massage; female ejaculation


• Learn about HIV/STDs and safer sex practices; sexual anatomy and physiology; sex therapy techniques; and other areas of interest


• Learn to resolve difficulties with sexuality such as: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, dissatisfaction with orgasm, inability to reach orgasm, lack of desire


• Enhance self-pleasuring (masturbation coaching)


• Touch and sensuality skills for couples: demonstration and practice of basic touch, sensual massage, sensual and erotic skills 





Since 1992, Linda has conducted workshops for San Francisco State University, San Francisco Sex Information, Sonoma State University, University of California San Francisco AIDS Health Project, Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, and The Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco among others.


To contact Linda about scheduling a workshop, email her at

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